Welcome! You’ve come to our site because you face pain–be it injury, OA (osteoarthritis, aka “Old Age”), RA, diabetic neuropathy, Raynaud’s (RP), overexertion or another condition that is not completely controlled by current medications, as miraculous as these Rx drugs have been in transforming the lives of many sufferers.

Your pain is unique. We hope that this website is able to guide you through a closer look at pain so that what may seem as a simple thing is actually a bit more complicated and individualized, and, well, “sneaky”, as it is intended by nature to get a pain signal to the brain even in the face of damage. It tends to find any open pathway. Yes, there is a reason why a combination of therapies is often needed in pain, and in this spirit the ingredients of Topical Paradise combine to bring deep comfort even in the face of inflammation, muscle “knots”/spasms, joint degeneration, nerve damage, and mechanical or thermal (as in RP) pain.


Pain relief cannot be faked. You know what works from what doesn’t. Even the simple 0–10 VAS pain scale has proven surprisingly resilient. In what follows, we urge you to trust your instincts.


So perhaps you still suffer break-through pain, flare-ups, cold sensitivities, or a level of pain you’ve simply had to accept in the face of Rx side effects—and frustratingly increasing as you amp your life up. Let’s cut to the bone.